About Moi Family:

I live with my parents and grandparents.

I'm best-friends with my mum despite the 1/1000 momments we argue. My grandmother and grandfather are great, they always argue with eachother but I know they love each other. Lastly, my father. He's a great dad, just a bit old and probably can't stand me listening to "those gay Korean boys". Firstly, it's BTS, get your facts right and I love you! Please don't see me as a disappointment because I promise to get into a good university!

About Moi:

I was born on the November the 9th. By the way my zodiac sign is Scorpio. I love drawing and art. Despite many people telling me I only liked art because I can draw, It wasn’t true. I took art classes and I still have this class up to now.

My Page Title


Isn't she beautiful? With her creamy and bouncy hair, she's a god! If you don't agree then okay, you do you homie but in my opinion she is beautiful and even though I bully her sometimes she's still always there for me so I love her and hope she lives long enough to see me graduate from college.